Dorian Gray, 15, is just one of the success stories of Coyote Kids. Coyote Kids just completed its 12th year and Dorian is the recipient to earn ten Cowan Courage Awards. Coyote Kids  is a summer running program sponsored by Club Kokomo RoadRunners (CKRR) hosted by Ray (Captain Coyote) and Robin Tetrault. This program is open to all children from as young as newborn through their 18th birthday. The goal of the program is to instill healthy habits that last the kids a lifetime. The children run their race and receive a ribbon and a popsicle afterwards. Children who participates in four races, they receive recognition for the accomplishment. If a runner participates in all six races during the summer program, they are recognized with the Mike Cowan Courage Award, name for Kokomo varsity cross country runner Mike Cowan who passed away from Leukemia in the mid 1980's. Cowan's motto was "Never give up".

Dorian is the first to receive this award. Dorian is very active in CKRR. He competes almost every Wednesday evening at Highland Park as well as almost every points race for CKRR. For those that do not recognize Dorian, he is usually the one in a signature tye-dye shirt, Fedora, and mismatched socks.

Congratulations Dorian for a job well done.  Keep on running.